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The FastBax Difference

Unlike many in the industry, the experts at Fastbax don’t look at data backup in a technology vacuum, we consider it within the context of your business. We know how and when we backup the data is just as, if not more, important than if we recover it all.

That’s why we employ a fully-automated online backup process driven by a proprietary technology designed specifically to minimize use of system bandwidth. It’s a combination of automation and efficiency that makes all the difference for your business. Our process has been proven to deliver:

The FastBax Difference

FastBax is a technology company with a focus on driving business success.
That’s our difference. That’s your advantage.

The Business of Cloud Backup

As businesses become more dependent on significant amounts of data to drive their daily operations, the backup of that data and accompanying systems has evolved beyond a simple technology decision to a critical business decision. So critical in fact that it can be the difference between survival and going out of business all together.

According to research 93% of companies that suffer a significant data loss are out of business within five years. And it’s not only about recovering the data, it’s about the time it takes to do it. Why? Because companies that are not able to resume business operations within ten days are not likely to survive.*

In this environment, it’s about speed and quality; it’s about the backup process and minimizing the impact on a business; most importantly it’s about choosing the right partner that can deliver on every front, at the right price.

That’s where FastBax comes in.

*Strategic Research Institute

Why Cloud Backup is Unmatched

Online Backups are no longer the exception, they are the necessity for protecting and restoring critical business data. The reality is that tape backups have become outdated and unreliable. A recent industry survey found that 77% of companies that test their tapes have found backup failures. **

At Fastbax, we know failure is not an option. Our online data backup process removes the reliability worries of tapes and eliminates the cost of offsite tape storage. It provides secure and encrypted offsite backups that are positioned for quick and effective data recovery in the event a loss occurs. No tapes, no waiting, no unpredictable costs – no greater business value.

**Storage Magazine

Backup in the Cloud

To create additional levels of backup and bandwidth flexibility, Fastbax uses a cloud computing model to send local disk backups directly to the Storage Cloud for offsite storage purposes when appropriate. This is especially useful for large audio, video or documents that don’t need to be accessed on a regular basis.

This flexible model creates the potential for unlimited storage space without the need to invest in additional infrastructure or equipment. Users pay only a service-fee for the storage they use. Most importantly they have peace of mind in knowing their data is secured by a trusted partner. Fastbax employs a unique end-to-end encryption process to ensure data security, privacy and integrity, not only when data is being transmitted but also when it’s at rest in the cloud.

Like everything we do, our cloud backup offering is more than storage. It’s about speed, it’s about security, and it’s about savings. Ultimately, it’s about business value.