Backup in the Cloud

To create additional levels of backup and bandwidth flexibility, Fastbax uses a cloud computing model to send local disk backups directly to the Storage Cloud for offsite storage purposes when appropriate. This is especially useful for large audio, video or documents that don’t need to be accessed on a regular basis.

This flexible model creates the potential for unlimited storage space without the need to invest in additional infrastructure or equipment. Users pay only a service-fee for the storage they use. Most importantly they have peace of mind in knowing their data is secured by a trusted partner. Fastbax employs a unique end-to-end encryption process to ensure data security, privacy and integrity, not only when data is being transmitted but also when it’s at rest in the cloud.

Like everything we do, our cloud backup offering is more than storage. It’s about speed, it’s about security, and it’s about savings. Ultimately, it’s about business value.